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If you know of a Campground in the area. You can enter the information here.

Kids please get your parents permission before entering a comment. This comment will go directly on the web. If you are under 18 follow these instructions.

1. Get your parents permission.

2 . Use only your first name. 

3 . Do not include your phone number in your comment.

4 . Do not include your address.

5 . Do not include your school name. 

6 . If you use any of the above information or anything I think is inappropriate I will remove your comment. (If I think you are putting yourself or another child in danger your comment will be removed.)

Due to inappropriate behavior we are now changing the way we put campgrounds on our sight. If you would like to make a comment you may E-mail me. I will post them as I can. I reserve the right to change or not post anything that is inappropriate.

                                                                          Karen Watkins

Greens Canoe Rental & Campground 

724 W Hwy
8 Steelville Mo. 65565 

(573)775-5595 or 1-800-815-6721