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       I have tried to make sure all names were spelled correctly. If you find a mistake please let me know. I will fix it as soon as possible.

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Picture taken by

James Washabaugh

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James web page.



This is the reason Kids' Day was canceled. This is how high the water was in the park on 

May 18, 2002





Justin Conn
Biggest trout caught by a boy for the day.



Adrienne Geist
Age 10
Biggest trout caught by a girl for the day.


Andrew Sanders

Age 7

Trout weighed 3 LB 11 oz



Thomas Watkins

Age 15


Emma Watkins

Age 3


Brandon Watkins

Age 4







Racheal Watkins

Age 8


Some people will do anything for a seat around here.


John and James Twillmann

James First Fish!

Dad's a hero now.






Courtney Bennett
Age 7
I'm proud!



Garrett Manion
Age 8



Justin J.D. Conn
The biggest trout I've ever caught, Goin on the wall!





Adrienne Geist
Age 10
Best fish caught by any family member so for.

Good Job.


Zack Harrell
Age 6
I caught it on my Lucky Pole!



Megan Haas
Age 5
My first trout!


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