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Privacy Policy:

For the protection and privacy of your children. We are trying to follow the guidelines and laws of COPPA (Childrenís Online Privacy Protection Act). We are doing our best to help keep your child safe while on Maramec Spring Trout Fishermen Web Pages. We hope you would monitor your child while on any Internet sight. 

Links: Some Helpful Sites for parents and children

            Net Nanny

            Cyber Sitter

Cyber Snoop

Cyber Patrol

We-Blocker   Free Parent Guide to the Internet







     Teach Kids:

1.      Do not give out personal information (name, address, telephone number, school, city, state or any information that will tell a predator where your child can be found).

2.      Always ask your parents before downloading anything.

3.      Always ask your parents before filling out any forms.

4.      Always ask your parent before using any comment form.

5.      If you fell uncomfortable with anything, tell your parents.

6.      Donít allow children to participate in chat rooms, unless you can constantly monitor them.

7.      Teach your child how to get back out of a sight that makes them uncomfortable.


Comments and Application:  Rules

1.      Kids younger than 18 should get parents or guardians consent.

2.      Use first name only.

3.      Do not include Telephone Number or address.

4.      Do not use the name of your school.

5.      Please do not give any personal information that could identify you.

Your comment will be removed if it is inappropriate for kids and these rules are not followed.


Links:  I provide links to sites I feel would be enjoyable or educational for your child. I have checked these sights out before adding the link and will periodically review these sights. These sights are not mine and I cannot control the contents of these sights. Content can change without my knowledge. Please monitor your child while on the Internet. If you see anything that is inappropriate or can endanger a child in anyway please contact immediately. The link will be disconnected, until the problem is resolved.


Registration: There is no registration required to view Maramec Spring Trout Fishermen Associations Web Sight. We do not have any mailings or newsletters. Information sent will not be used for commercial purposes of listed publicly.


Banner Advertising: We have banner advertising at the top of our page.  We have no control over the contents of these adds. We are a non-profit organization.


Clip Art: We have provided links to the sites that created some of our clip art. This clip art is not mine. Please do not copy it without getting permission from those who created it. Please check out their rules, License to use and/or Copyright information of the sight visiting. Thanks to all that have created and allowed us to use their work.


Copyright: Please do copy or change any text or image from these pages.


E-Mail: If you e-mail me with a question, please give your first name and age only. I do not want any other personal information given. I can only reply to E-mail one time if youíre under 13 and you will be deleted from my system. Anyone under 13 should have parent or guardian permission first. E- mail will be kept for 1 month or until completely answered. Then I will shred them and delete them from my system.


Pictures: Pictures will only be put on my sight with a sign permission form. You can print this out, sign it and send it to Karen Watkins. For the safety of the children we will only put their first name on the web. If they would like I will put a comment as long as it does not contain personal information.